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Minneapolis Brow Microblading is known for artistically creating natural looking brows, eyes, and areolas.
Work performed on each individual is customized to their best possible look that suits their unique features. No matter the procedure, we always strive for the most natural and beautiful look. 

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  • First things first ----Heidi is a brow goddess! If you are considering microblading then seriously look no further. This lady does not disappoint! When I went in she was practically working with a blank canvas as my brows were so blonde they were virtually nonexistent. Needless to say, I was nervous and I would say picky in how I like my brows. She made me feel calm and ultimately blew me way. She is detailed, thorough, and personable. It has given me self-confidence and cut my morning routine in half. I am mad I waited so long to get this done! Don't make my mistake -- call her! She's a GEM! — Amy Bennett

  • Heidi did my permanent eyeliner about 10 years ago so, of course, I was going to have her do my brows. She picked a great color that matched my natural brow color. The procedure didn't take very long and my eyebrows are beautiful! With such fair brow hair, the new color really makes my eyes pop. Thank you so much, Heidi! You did a wonderful job! — Trisha Rutter

  • Heidi made my brows look fantastic! The color and shape is exactly what I wanted and I love that they still look natural. So happy to not have to fill my brows in anymore! I get compliments all the time on my "perfect brows." 
    Teegan Nicole McFall


  • Heidi was highly recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad I chose Minneapolis Brow Microblading! I was really impressed with Heidi’s work and how she took the time to really understand what I wanted . Since it was my first microblading experience, she carefully explained the process and aftercare. Heidi also made great recommendations to ensure I was comfortable before she started her work. I went back to Heidi for my second visit and was equally impressed! Heidi is not only a talented and professional artist, she’s very kind, thoughtful, and puts everyone at ease! I would highly recommend Heidi!  — Blythe Stillwell

  • It’s been almost a month since my appointment with Heidi and my brows still look fantastic! I highly recommend her! I had an amazing experience and I haven’t had to draw my brows on since! Took 10 minutes off of my morning routine! I can’t wait to go back to get my touch-up!  — Erin Henke

  • Working with Heidi was really a great experience, and the results are fabulous! Heidi listens and really knows what she’s doing. She has a very gentle and precise touch, which also helps if you're new to the process. I love-love-love my eyebrows! Thank you, Heidi!  — Peggy Winchester

  • Heidi just did my eyebrows, and I love the results! She did such an amazing job explaining what to expect on the first visit and how the healing process will be. I just finished my touch-up, and I love them even more now! Heidi is very passionate about her job and I can tell that she enjoys doing it. She made me feel comfortable while she was microblading my eyebrows. She would always ask if I was doing okay and making sure I didn’t need more of the numbing cream. I’ve been telling everybody how amazing Heidi is at her job. I am recommending everybody to go and see Heidi! Thank you, once again, for making my eyebrows; they look amazing!  — Enisa Dervisevic

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